News and Updates - Recreational Cabins and Cottages

News and Updates - Recreational Cabins and Cottages

Trends in the Tiny House Movement

by Recreational Resort Cottages on 09/18/16

The tiny home movement may be new to many, but it's the dream we've been promoting for a decade at Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins. Ten years ago Recreational Resort Cottages was formed to provide an affordable alternative to vacation homes and cabins. The snow bird lifestyle was attractive to us. We were excited about the possibility of people practically being able to live part of the year in one location and part of the year in another, getting the best of both locations. Better weather, better health, and a vacation-like lifestyle everyday were just a few of the perks.  In the last few years, though, we have witnessed some new trends that have taken the traditional advantages and benefits of our cottages and cabins and utilized them in new ways.
The first is student housing. A few years ago consumers got smart and decided to find an alternative to the rising cost of renting an apartment or house for their college kids. For less money they could own a tiny home and put their child in a safer, security-controlled community or resort with something to show for their investment after graduation. Once the college need passed, they had a nice vacation home or rental property.
The was followed by the family land shares.  As people are aging they often want to be close to family.  It enables not only assistance when needed, but also an opportunity to reconnect with each other and rediscover (and sometimes reinvent) family legacies.  Most importantly, it gives each of them a sense of security and protection without compromising their individual privacy.
Next came the minimalist lifestyle. Those that have embraced this new way of living are downsizing and purging themselves of all the unnecessary. Getting back to the basics and living without the stress and pressure of all the "stuff" is attractive to many. So rather than just use the tiny house for recreational use or for half the year, they are living in it fulltime. In 192 square feet you can have a sitting/living room, kitchen with full size appliances, a combo washer/dryer, a nice size bedroom in the loft, and an enclosed bathroom with a shower, sink and a full-size toilet. Heating and cooling the home is cheap, making it an exciting housing option. And the definition of "tiny" ranges from 150SF to 900SF now, so buyers have lots of options for downsizing into a space that fits their needs.
And now the latest trend we're seeing in Texas is ?the need for temporary housing during the building process.  Rather than pay rent on an overpriced house or apartment, Texans who have recently sold their home are purchasing tiny homes and park models to live in temporarily while they build a new house or develop their property. Some are setting them up on their land to monitor the building process while others are putting them in parks and resorts while they look for land. It's nice to have something to show for your investment; the owners are later using them for guest houses, vacation homes, and even pool houses.
The tiny houses are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Many are customized,though we have hundreds of predesigned floorplans to choose from.  You can add a front and/or a back porch as well as a single or double loft.  We’re often asked to define the minimum
and maximum square footage for tiny houses.  The reality is, there is no specific size.  Of all the definitions of a “tiny house” we have heard, we prefer the one by Jay Shafer, a designer of tiny house floorplans, that says:  “a tiny house is any house in which all the space is used well, and all the needs of the occupants are met.”  And that’s what we do.  We help our clients define their needs and then we work to customize a home to fit those needs.  For some that might be done in 192 square feet.  For others that may mean 399 square feet.  And often times we need to build 400-1000 square feet or more.
No matter what the size, we are able to deliver tiny homes nationwide. ? Our tiny houses have shipped as far as Japan.? Many people in Texas are placing them on private property, though states like Arizona and Florida are mainly in RV parks and resorts.  Local zoning requirements should be considered before building your tiny house.  We are able to build to a variety of building codes, but it’s important to know the needs and requirements of the property it’s to be placed on before we begin building.
?There's definitely a need for places to put the tiny houses. As a result, tiny home communities are currently being developed ?throughout the nation. Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins is instrumental and heavily involved in the Texas development. ? We're working to develop affordable tiny house communities in desired locations throughout the state.  ?Many community models are emerging - everything from RV and tiny house communities to rural homesteads, backyard tiny house hosting, property sharing, pocket neighborhoods, and more.  In time, there will be affordable communities throughout the state where people can come together from all different backgrounds in community.
What is appealing to many about the tiny house lifestyle is the freedom one gets from embracing a more simple lifestyle. Those currently living in tiny homes talk of three main advantages: ?economic (affordability, low utilities), environmental (sustainable living), and spiritual (focus your time on things that make life worth living).  Tiny homes allow people to live within their means or below their means so they can pursue other things.? It's financially stable housing.  Having one’s own roof over their head is a dream that everyone desires regardless of age; it may start as a treehouse in one’s youth and eventually come full circle to a beautiful tiny home in the surroundings of your choice.  Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins makes the dream a reality for people in a vast array of circumstances every day.  Call us at 1-877-219-4059 or stop by our showroom at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas.  

The Cabin Shells Have Arrived!

by Recreational Resort Cottages on 09/21/14

For years people have asked us for a cabin "shell".  Our cabins have always been top-of-the-line and completely finished out.  But we finally found a quality cabin "shell" worth representing and adding to our product line.  You can finish out the cabin yourself or choose from a variety of packages to complete the various stages of construction to get the cabin to the point that you want it.  Choose from a metal roof or a shingled roof (same price!) and from a stained exterior or a painted exterior (same price!).  They are built on skids and can be delivered to your site. Call our construction division directly at 903-527-6059 to get more information on the cabin shells.  Or come walk through one at 4384 E I-30, Rockwall, Texas.


by Recreational Resort Cottages on 08/13/14

If you are interested in purchasing a Pine Mountain Cabin, especially the 900 or any other model with an angled porch, it is very important that you order right away.  This is not a sales ploy.  The Manufacturer, Athens Park Homes, has told us that they will soon discontinue the angled porch option and will only allow one tower dormer per cabin.  If you are familiar with our large Pine Mountain Cabin currently on display then you know it has an angled front porch and two tower dormers.  Athens Park Homes has told us that within approximately one month we will no longer be able to order a Pine Mountain Cabin with two dormers.  If that is the look or floorplan model that you want, you need to act now and place your order before that model is no longer available.  As a result, our stock model is now for sale.  We only have one on display.  Once it is sold we will not be able to bring the PMC 900 back.  If you want a unique cabin, this is your chance.  Call us today at 1-877-219-4059 if you are interested in purchasing the stock model.

New Products Coming and Huge Labor Day Sale

by Recreational Resort Cottages on 08/13/14

Recreational Resort Cottages is excited to announce that WE ARE EXPANDING our display center.  With the addition of three new product lines, we are the only RV park model and cabin SUPERCENTER in Texas.  We just received the new Platinum P-535, and it is sure to impress.  Arriving soon are our Cavco Creekside Cabins and the new Leland's log Cabins. You've never seen finer quality. We will be adding new information, pictures, floorplans and pricing information to our website daily, so keep checking back for all the new details.  

To launch our park model and cabin Supercenter we will be hosting a HUGE Labor Day sale.  All display models are on sale and drastically reduced.  We have to make room for all the new cabins and park models that are currently in production.
Come on out and take advantage of the huge savings.  Now is definitely the time to buy your new Athens Park Homes park model, home or cabin.  We are selling all of the 2014 Athens Park Homes display models AT COST to make room for the new product lines.

Sundays this Spring

by Recreational Resort Cottages on 02/13/14

During the spring of 2014 we will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE on Sundays from 12-5 at our Rockwall display center.  Come join us for refreshments and experience the luxury of recreational living in a high-end park model or cabin.  You'll be amazed at the new options and styles on display.  Right now we have over 20 models available to walk through and experience.  They range in size from 399 to over 2000 square feet. Our models feature covered front porches (screened and unscreened) and open-air decks. Contemporary, traditional and cabin features are all on display.  Whether you plan to use this as a secondary vacation home, recreational rental cottage or cabin, primary residence, guest home, student housing, or hunting lodge, we have something for everyone. Join us for our OPEN HOUSE every Sunday in the spring of 2014.  Inside Homeco at 4384 E I-30 in Rockwall, Texas.  Questions? Call us 972-771-2176 or toll free 1-877-219-4059.  See ya' Sunday!

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